We are  the first mastering studio in Greece and  one of the  few mastering studios in Europe to provide authentic  vintage analog mastering using only equipment from the late 60s to early 90s such as Studer,Neve,Api,Harrison,MCI,AMEK,Scully, Neumann,Siemens,Ntp,Telefunken and many more depending on your track. All our mastering services are analog with an analog summing. 

We are one of the very few studios to do so.

Clients vary from independent artists , record labels to publishing companies, charities and film makers


  1. Vintage Analog Stereo Mastering
  2. Vinyl Mastering
  3. Stem Mastering
  4. Mastering for itunes((MFiT).
  5. Remastering and Restoration
  6. Transfers & Archiving

Vintage Analog stereo mastering is the process using only vintage outboard gear – that is, anything that is not software based.

Unlike mastering with software in a digital realm, the analog process utilizes tube and solid state hardware that both optimizes a stereo mix and produces a definitive sound, enhancing the clarity, depth, width and even warmth of a stereo mix.

Vinyl mastering is a form of analog mastering whereby the album is prepared for optimal playback on a vinyl record.  A mastered song for a CD and digital release is quite different from the same song that is mastered for vinyl.  

The overall equalization and balance is similar but the dynamic range and optimization can be quite different.

 Extra attention is paid to the stereo image and frequency response to meet the limitations of the vinyl format.

Stem Mastering is a mastering process whereby the engineer  will master a song, not from a stereo mix but from a small group of sub-mixes, i.e. a vocal mix, an instrument mix, and a drum mix.

We offer stem mastering on request.Vu Productions Mastering Studio is one of the few studios to provide   authentic  vintage analog stem mastering service.

We process each track in a Class A gear ,while keeping your tracks musicality and sound big,fat,dynamic and 3d.

Mastered For iTunes is the new standard of digital files for online music within the iTunes store.

 MFiT files are higher resolution than CD quality, and are encoded with the Apple AAC encoder. These files are higher quality than most other online music stores.The master is auditioned through the Apple Music encoder and measures are taken to preserve the original sound.

If you are planning to get your tracks Mastered for iTunes Vu Productions sees that the tracks are recorded at 96Khz and 24bit . files.

Remastering is the process of making a new master for an album or an individual song. It tends to refer to the process of porting a recording from an analogue medium to a digital one, but this is not always the case.A remaster can be done for various formats such as iTunes, cds, vinyl, movies and sound libraries.The dynamic and eq processing is not different to our standard audio mastering and the same techniques are used.
We remove background noise from videos, audio files, mp3, old recordings, documentaries, tele-seminars, podcast etc.
At Vu Productions Mastering Studio we have the latest hardware and software to clean up audio noises of all kinds, including hiss, clicks, crackle, rumble, hum, broadband noises, distortions and provide clean audio.We clean up audio without affecting the tone, timbre and natural modulation of the voice or music. If you require any guidance on how to record without noise, or need us to look at a noisy recording, or require a quote, please feel free to contact us.

At Vu Productions Mastering Studio we offer a competitively priced archive and transfer service which can provide Audio CDs, WAV files (at your choice of resolution) or MP3s from your analogue or digital source.

If you have old tapes, cassettes, or even rare vinyl  we can transfer them to digital  and if necessary clean up the recordings , even if you don’t want them remastered. We can also copy digital formats such as DAT  to WAV or CD if necessary.


77nasosNasos Nomikos founder and head of Vu productions mastering studio is well known worldwide for his work  in classic metal and  Rock mastering.

He has  mastered albums, singles for a wide range of artists and collaborations such as Chiara Malvestiti(Therion/Chrysalis),Marc Zonder (Warlord),Jeff Waters (Annihilator),Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon,Harmony,Heed), Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast In Black), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra), Outloud , Nallysa Green, Bob Katsionis (Firewind & Outloud),Chitral ''Chity'' Somapala(Power Quest,Rekuiem,Civilization One,Avalon,Faro),Jaded Star,George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ), Glacier,Valhalla,Maxi Nil(Jaded Star),Angelo Vafeiadis (Warlord),Eleni Vitali, Andreas Polyzogopoulos,Nikos Ziogalas,Magic de Spell,Giorgos Tsigkos,Evridiki,Kollectiva Band, Nikos Xidis, e.t.c.


Characteristic is  the big,fat,3d master that makes using only vintage audio equipments such as Studer, Neve, API, Scully, Neumann, NTP , Telefunken,  and many more a prerogative . All this depends  on your individual needs.

His experience and attention to detail will ensure that your master sounds beyond its potential.





''Dear Nasos, After hearing the final master I was blown away,

It's very powerful and has a lot of precision''


Chitral Chity Somapala

(Power Quest, Civilization One,Rekuiem,Red Circuit,FireWind,Avalon,Faro)

Chitral "Chity" Somapala

‘Vu production mastering studio approaches your mix with proffesionalism creativity and respect. The combination of high end mastering equipment and the sound engineer who always goes the extra mile results in the best mastering studio i've ever worked with.’


Michalis Skarakis -Recording &Mixing Engineer/Producer ( Steven Adler G.N.R., Bob Brozman, Louisiana Red, Big Time Sarah,Panos Katsimichas,Ksylina Spathia, Diafana Krina,,Active Member, Elysion, Jaded Star, e.t.c)




   Diamond Needle.jpg

‘’The sound of the Diamond Needle songs are great.

They’ve got more balls and I hear some things we’ve left out of it because at that time it was not done, but at this time it sounds great’’


Herke van der Poel (Baby’s Breath,Sad Iron)


“After you realise your mix is done then its over for me!I just know that VU Productions team will handle the rest in the most professional and perfect way.No second thoughts for me,ever!These guys are the masters of mastering.”

Angelo Vafeiadis - Performer/Composer/Producer (Warlord,Graham Bonnet,Jaded Star,9MM, Arrayan Path,Upon Revival..)




"I sent my brother the Silence the Night remastered version, he said he listened to it 20 times in a row!!

It would have been a shame to not include this song.. the remastering is terrific"


 Ed Horgan (VALHALLA Drummer)



"VU Productions has managed to breath new life to many old recordings - from restoration to (re)mixing and (re)mastering, the highest quality is what you'll get.

Super friendly and reliable at the same time."






Manos Koufakis

"VU Productions mastering Studio makes my music sound as I hoped and imagined.Huge and 3D.So simple.’’


Kostis Pyrenis - Producer / Songwriter( Evridiki,Stefanos Korkolis, Линда,Elena Paparizoy,Eleni Foureira,Vasilis Lampropoulos..)




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